French Business Services offers a host of consultancy services related to the translation profession:

  • Coordination of translation projects
    Is coordinating translation projects taking too much of your time? You do not know where to start? Why not leave this task to the experts? We can handle several projects at the same time.

  • Setting up an in-house translation service
    Is translation becoming such an important part of your business that you are considering setting-up an in-house translation service? Discuss the financial benefits, the languages and infrastructure requirements and the process to establish an efficient in-house translation team with us.

  • Gathering a team of translators for a special project
    Your project contains a number of documents and you need the translation urgently? The documents to be translated are related to different areas of expertise? You might need to employ several translators at the same time. We can assemble that team of translators for you.

  • Recruitment of translators
    Want to find professional translators? Where do you advertise for translator positions? What makes a good translator? Translation is our business. We can assist you in selecting candidates; assessing skills and competencies; and organise and participate in interviews.

  • Implementation of Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) tools and software
    Do you need help to get started with your CAT software? Do you need advice on how to organise Translation Memories (TM)? Do you need to compile a TM with texts previously translated or a new area of translation? Don’t reinvent the wheel. We have done all of that before and can assist you.

  • Writing of in house translation procedures
    Is the translation process being tackled in different ways across your organisation? Does the volume and frequency of documents to be translated justify the implementation of a translation procedure? We can tailor and establish a procedure for you.

We would be happy to share our expertise and experience with your organisation.
Contact us if you need any advice on translation or translation related activities.


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